Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Silver Linings Play Book

Eight hours of hard core exercise a day, watching Eagles football with a father that does not look at you let alone say one word to you, fantasising about the woman you think is your wife and completing a long list of lifestyle changes you think will please her is everyday life for Pat Peoples.

Broken out of a mental health facility by his mother, Pat tries to settle into life back at his parents until “apart time” is over and he can be reunited with his wife, Nikki.

Life as Pat knew it is over. However, with the power of positive thinking and positive actions he is determined that his silver lining is only around the corner.

With a tone that is warm and inviting, Matthew Quick tells a story of eternal optimism in the face of dark adversity.

The Silver Linings Play Book is both weighty and light - a perfect read.

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