Wednesday, August 31, 2011


BACK TO SCHOOL SCOOTER OFFER: Make going back to school that much easier and more exciting! Village Books are offering the Mini Micro Scooter for €65 and the Maxi Micro for €110 for 2 weeks only, see details below:

Now only €65
• For ages 3-6
• Develops Balance
• Coordination
• Great fun to ride
• Two colours - Blue and Pink

Now only €110
• For ages 6+
• Max 50kg weight
• Reinforced deck for safety
• Three wheel lean and steer mechanism
• Two colours - Black and Purple

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three days, three thrillers

Enjoying the last days of my summer I squeezed in three great new thrillers. The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen featuring Detective Jane Rizzoli and ME Dr. Maura Isles. Maura Isles is trapped with a group in a snowstorm in Wyoming, they come upon an abandoned village where a cult had lived. Gripping stuff, could not guess the twist.

Next was Fallen by Karin Slaughter featuring Georgia Bureau of Investigation Agents Faith Mitchell and Will Trent (the charming dyslexic cop). Fallen centres around the disappearance of Faith's mother Evelyn a former police captain and her involvement with drug gangs in Atlanta.

Lastly was the Dispatcher by Ryan David Jahn. Ian Hunt is the Police Dispatcher in the town of Bulls Mouth, he gets a call from his daughter Maggie who had been missing for seven years.

Monday, August 22, 2011


The last meeting of the VILLAGE BOOKS Book Club took place on the 9th of August and we discussed 'Sunset Park' by Paul Auster.

There was a general consensus that the book started well. The main character, Miles, was initially intriguing but interest was lost in the wordiness of the book which became too cerebral. One lost sympathy with the characters and became less involved with their stories.

For me, it wasn't as good as other Paul Auster books such as 'Brooklyn'.

The next meeting will be on the 13th of September and we'll be discussing 'The Paris Wife' by Paula McLain.