Monday, August 27, 2012

Great books for babies

There are some amazing books available for babies right from newborn. Newborn babies have very bad eyesight and can only see in black and white- the Amazing Baby Black and White series is perfect,  full of geometric shapes in black and white.

Cloth Books: These are great for young babies who like to eat and snuggle their books. Two cloth books I like are "Guess How Much I Love You Snuggle Book" and "Baby Touch Snuggle Book" Both are very bright and tactile.

Cot Books: Cot books attach to the outside of your babies cot or craddle, they can look at them lying down. Usborne has a great range these such as "Animals: Babies First Cot Book" and "123 Cot Book"

Board  Books: There are alot of board book available. "Duck on Wheels" by DK is a toy and a book in one. "My Noisy Book of Ducklings" this book quacks and is my daughters current favourite. "Baby loves Peekaboo!" by DK is a fun lift the flap book. "The Hungry Caterpillar" is a very popular book, I have a version that has a finger puppet included!

Buggy Books: Buggy books attach onto the side of the pram and can be read on the go. "Night" and "Day" by Campbell Books are eye-catch with mirrored front covers suitable for newborns.

Nursery Rhymes: If you cant remember the words to any nursery rhymes, I recommend investing in a good book such as "100 Best Loved Nursery Rhymes" by Miles Kelly or  Babies love them!

Songs and Music: "Wheels on the Bus" is a Nursery Rhyme and song CD produced by the BBC great for listening to in the Car. "The Usborne Book of Lullabies" is a book and CD compilation, again great for putting baby to sleep in the car.

All of these books and many more available in Village Books.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


'Into the Lion's Den'

A biographical history of the Talbots of Malahdie by Stephen E. Talbot.


Signed copies available.

Retailing for €30. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Criminal by Karen Slaughter

The newest Karin Slaughter doesn't disappoint- an edgy and intense read. Criminal is the next instalment in Slaughter's series which follows detectives Faith and Will from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Will Trent is an orphan, son of a murderer and seriously dyslexic. Criminal traces his past,set simultaneously in 1975 and present day- investigates the murder of Will's mother and his birth. I highly recommend Criminal, a great thriller.