Monday, April 19, 2010

A new Peter Carey book!!

Peter Carey's new novel "PARROT & OLIVIER IN AMERICA" seems to be getting good reviews, Im hoping to read it in the next few weeks...until then here is an extract from the New York Times review:

Olivier is Olivier-Jean-Baptiste de Clarel de Barfleur de Garmont the son of a French noble family in the years after the revolution, overshadowed by his family tree — a stallion, as he describes himself, “bred for racing, now condemned to pull a cart of night soil.” Parrot is the son of a British journeyman printer, with a knack both for drawing and mimicry. They are linked by the Marquis de Tilbot, a one-armed hero of the Loyalist forces who, in this picaresque inspired by Alexis de Tocqueville’s journey to America, conspires to send them both to the New World. Peter Carey, a two-time Booker Prize winner, notes in his acknowledgments that “squirreled away among the thatch” of his own sentences, are “distinctive threads, necklaces of words that were clearly made by the great man himself.”

Also I just discovered Peter Carey's very cool website have a look.

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