Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nordic crime lovers- Asa Larsson

If you are like me and have spent the last few years reading crime fiction set in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, you will love the new author that Village Books has discovered- Asa Larsson. Her series of novels are set in Kiruna which is in Lapland in the North of Sweden. Her books revolve around a young female lawyer Rebecka Martinsson and two local detectives Anna-Maria Mella and Sven-Ulrich. Kiruna in Lapland is the location of a baptist religious revival which forms the backdrop to the crimes. The extreme weather, constant daylight, subzero conditions and Sami culture which Larsson explores provide an insight into this unusual location. I have just read three Asa Larsson books in a row, I thoroughly recommend them. Start with the first book "The Savage Altar".

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