Thursday, July 19, 2012

Non fiction top 10 July 2012

   Top 10 Non Fiction

·        The Magic Reality
     By Richard Dawkins

·        American Caesars
     By Nigel Hamilton

·        Treasure Islands
     By Nicolas Shaxson

·        Political Corruption in Ireland
     By Elaine Byrne

·        I was a boy in Belsen
     By Tomi Reichental

·        White Fever
     By Jacek Hugo Bader

·        Thinking Fast and Slow
     By Daniel Kahneman

·        The House on an Irish Hillside
     By Felicity Hayes-McCoy

·        Travels with Bertha
     By Paul Martin

·        Mrs Robinsons Disgrace
     By Kate Summerscale

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Felicity Hayes-McCoy said...

I stumbled upon your blog and was delighted to find my book in your July best seller list. Hope your customers are enjoying it. Here's a link to my own blog, which might interest them as well

The book has a Facebook page with photos, information and links to the recent RTÉ Nationwide programme with Mary Kennedy and a US radio podcast of readings and reflections on the book.

The FB link is
If any readers would like to chat about the book there, or comment on it, they'll be very welcome.

It's wonderful for an author when independent booksellers promote a book - you know how experienced they are at matching titles to particular readers so you can be certain that anyone they've sold your book to is likely to enjoy reading it.

Many thanks to you and to your customers. Best, Felicity Hayes-McCoy

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