Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes,
was the 2nd book the book club discussed.

Jacket image for Sense of an Ending, The

Tony Webster and his clique first met Adrian Finn at school. Sex-hungry and book-hungry, they would navigate the girl-less sixth form together, trading in affectations, in-jokes, rumour and wit.
Maybe Adrian was a little more serious than the others, certainly more intelligent, but they all swore to stay friends for life. Now Tony is in middle age. He's had a career and a single marriage, a calm divorce.
He's certainly never tried to hurt anybody. Memory, though, is imperfect. It can always throw up surprises, as a lawyer's letter is about to prove. The Sense of an Ending is the story of one man coming to terms with the past.

The group, bar one dissenter, thought that it was a wonderful book full of wit and insights, the characters are believable and if not altogether sympathetic, one is immediately drawn into the story, and the complexities of the relationships.  It is also about loneliness and the wish to change the mistakes of youth. 
Personally I gave it a second reading as I had so enjoyed it the first time, and I found it just as intriguing the second time round.


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