Saturday, March 26, 2011


At the last meeting of the VILLAGE BOOKS Book Club great discussuion ensued from the book of the month, 'When a Crocodile Eats The Sun' by Peter Godwin.

Godwin is an award winning journalist who grew up in Zimbabwe and this is an autobiography covering ten years from 1996. Now living in America, he travels back to Zimbabwe at regular intervials to visit his parents. Through his eyes, you see the increaing chaos in Zimbabwe with rapid inflation, land seizures and the possibility of famine. His parents, as they age, undergo the privation caused by the instability of the regime of Robert Mugabe.

The group found it to be a most interesting story filling in the background of the present crisis in Zimbabwe. It showed the author's love of his homeland in Africa and his sense of sadness and loss at what was happening to his people.

The next meeting of the Book Club will take place on Tuesday the 5th April at 6.30pm. The book we are reading for this month is 'Caribou Island' by David Vann.

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