Friday, October 29, 2010


For National Dyslexia Awareness Month, we're selling the ReadAssist at a SPECIAL OFFER PRICE of €24.95, till the end of October (RRP €29.95). The ReadAssist is revolutionary reading aid designed especially to help people with dyslexia and very handily fits into pencil case!

ReadAssist is the size of a 6" ruler.  It comes in three parts. The student just clicks the parts into place. There is also a pouch for ReadAssist. This is in order to keep it clean and safe in the student's pencil case.

There are four colours of acetates to choose from. These are the primary colours that are used by people with dyslexia, eliminating the effects of glare on the page. School books, newpapers, magazines etc. are printed black on white. People with certain reading difficulties have a problem with focusing on words printed black on white. Each student will have a preference to one of these colours. They can then put it into ReadAssist. The grey frame around ReadAssist enables the student to focus ONLY on the line he/she is reading from. Some may feel they may only need to use the frame, without the acetate.

So not to miss out on the SPECIAL OFFER price, make sure you pop into Village Books this weekend!

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