Sunday, June 6, 2010

THE BOY IN THE DRESS by David Walliams

It looks like a Roald Dahl book. It sounds like a Roald Dahl book. It reads like a Roald Dahl book. But it is not a Roald Dahl book. It’s The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams, of Little Britain fame.

Dennis is 12. He goes to school. He plays football. He likes to wear dresses.

Yes, Dennis is far from your typical adolescent. Once he crosses that line from what is expected and acceptable to what is unknown and slightly insane, his world is filled with endless possibilities.

Led astray by Vogue magazine and Lisa, fashion designer in the making, Dennis finds out how fulfilling it is to follow your dreams. But of course, there are lots of bumps and sore feet to suffer along the way.

The Boy in the Dress is a heart-warming tale, full of inspired ideas and hilarious circumstances. And, it is our choice for this month’s Junior Book Club.

The Junior Book Club will be meeting on Thursday the 17th of July at 4pm in the shop. If you would like to register your child or for more information why not pop into the shop, give us a call (845 5073) or send us an email at

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