Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch

This is a fitting read for those who still marvel in the wonders that await at the beach.

Set along the shores of Washington’s Puget Sound, The Highest Tide is a coming-of-age tale with an insightful ecological flavour.

Follow 13 year old Miles, as a freak discovery along his beloved shore line rockets him into the limelight. However, this sudden burst of fame is only a further complication in his ever problematic life.

Now with a host of unwanted attention, his knowledge of the ocean is put under the microscope. His parents are drifting further apart. A whole host of unbelievable discoveries await him. And all he really wants to do is stroll on the beach with the girl next door.

The Highest Tide is a sweet story about the struggles a young boy faces and the phenomenal life aquatic he discovers on his doorstep. It will awaken a new fondness for the sea in anyone who reads it.

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