Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga
Throw-away chick lit or a literary darling?

I would tend to agree with the former. However, I could never part with my Twilight books. Intriguing and addictive, The Twilight Saga will engross the most selective of readers.

Meyer depicts a story of forbidden love that exists between Bella Swan, the awkward new girl in town, and the mysterious Edward Cullen.

The Cullen family stands apart from the rest of the villagers in Washington’s rainy town of Forks in beauty, style and appetite. Although integrated in society, they live a life of ancient secrecy. The Cullen’s are a family of vampires yet; they made the difficult decision to live as vegetarians, choosing to feast on the blood of animals over the succulent taste of human prey.

But as a powerful longing draws Edward and Bella together, danger grows ever more explosive.

We journey with Bella through the 4 books, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, as she falls irrevocably in love with Edward.

Each book is packed with obstacles that threaten their relationship, be they the physical constraints between fragile human and immortal vampire or the jealousy that develops in Jacob, Bella’s confidante and Edward’s foe. Jacob is too a descendant of an ancient clan, a natural enemy to the Cullen’s way of ‘life’.

The Twilight Saga is ultimately Fantasy – Chick Lit, it’s easy to read and not too taxing on the mind. However, with its fascinating characters and intense plot lines, it is extremely difficult not to be sucked into Bella’s world.


It is addictive; before you’ve finished Twilight, you will be down the shop to pick up the other 3! Probably best to clear a few days in the schedule before you begin, that way you can get though the Saga without being disturbed or having to take too much time away from the delectable Edward Cullen!

For those new to the fantasy genre, The Twilight Saga is a great introduction.
For those who love a love story, ‘never was there a story of such woe’!
For those who want an action packed read where werewolves take on vampires and vampires take on vampires, sink your teeth into The Twilight Saga.

By Sadashini

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