Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dublin - Wit and Wisdom

Most people from Dublin will be aware of the phenomenon that is Overheard in Dublin. It started out as a website where people emailed in funny conversations they had heard on the streets of Dublin and has become so popular now that it has spawned a series of books. Overheard in Dublin Again is the latest and is one of the funniest books I've ever read. This small little book packs a whole lot of laughter. It's jam packed with hilarious anecdotes, conversations overheard and observations of Dublin people and Dublin life. Funnily enough, though many of the conversations overheard don't necessarily portray Dublin people as the most elegant, sophisticated people of the species they do manage to convey the uniqueness, wit, gall and character of Dublin people. You get a real, though slightly unwarranted, sense of pride in your fellow Dubliners reading this little guide to the very underrated sense of humour that is typical to Dubliners. I can pretty much guarantee this book will have you laughing out loud, at the very least, and if you're a Dubliner, imbue you with a strange sense of pride in your fella city-dwellers.

Here's a short sample, courtesy of Overheard in Dublin Again, Published by Gill and Macmillan...

Looking for a flat block in Dolphin's Barn complex and stopped a local man, asking, 'Can you tell me where flat 32G is please?' He responds, ' Is that G as in Jesus or J as in Jaysis?'.

Overheard by Erica, Dolphin's Barn. Thursday, 20 July 2006

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